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My Top Ten Takeaways from iSummit 2013

There were so many fabulous presenters at the iSummit 2013 Conference. 
Unfortunately I could not attend every session . . .
Fortunately there is a wiki for the conference and I can check out all the wonderful resources.  You can too!!  What I can do however, is highlight what resonated with me. 

The iPad is not:
for everything in the classroomthe driver of instructiona device for practicing basic skills. . . if that's all you do with ita reward for completing classroom instruction iPads are:
toolsused to meet goals when appropriateuseful when you begin with the goal in mind (iPad + IPedagogy = iLearn, Julia Osteen)  Here are my Top Ten Takeaways from the conference (in no particular order):

10. Private schools have a lot more money to spend on technology.

 9.  Are students spending time engaged in investigating "Googleable" or "Un-Googleable" questions? (Keynote Speaker, Ewan McIntosh)

 8.  The most important predictor of student success IS NOT their socioec…

iSummit 2013: How Do You Handle Workflow?

I know I've mentioned before that I will have a class set of iPads next year!  Exciting!   I was excited about the possibilities this new technology would offer but was also a little nervous about transitioning to a class with a full set of iPads.   Would I be successful?  How would I manage this new technology? What activities will my students complete using the iPad?  Will my classroom be completely paperless?  Is that even realistic?   Probably the most pressing decision I needed to make was how would I manage the work flow in my classroom.  You know getting work to the students, turning work in, grading work that the students have turned in, and returning it to them.  All done electronically. So when my principal asked if I would like to attend iSummit, I immediately said "Yes"! What a great opportunity to learn from other professionals who were already using this technology in their classes.

I realize students need to use their iPads to learn and create meaning (I…

Shift Happens!

Even though school does not officially begin for another two weeks I have been working in my class, as I am sure a lot of you have.  Today I took some time to just sit and reflect on a few things.  These are some of the questions I am trying to work out. Maybe you can help. 

This year I will have a class set of iPads.  Will I really need all of these dictionaries?  There are more on the table.  Students can use use instead of the actual dictionary.  Or do they need to have "real" dictionaries?  I won't even mention that I inherited 2 sets of encyclopedias last year.  Yes encyclopedias!   I thought the students could use them to research topics in social studies (that information does not change).  For that matter do I even need to make room for my textbooks?  We really don't use them a lot (said in a whisper voice).  If I needed to use them, we could use the online version. Side note:  I think I might have some hoarding tendencies.

I have used tables …

Liebster Blog Award

Wow! I just found out that my blog was nominated for the Liebster Blog Award for new blogs by Verena from Diary of a 5th Grade Teacher.  Thank you Verena!  According to Kristen at Aspire to Inspire "the Liebster Award is a way bloggers spread the word about fellow bloggers whose blogs have fewer than 200 followers".  When I started my blog, I wanted it to be a place to record my thoughts and I also hoped that it would be helpful to others that wanted to begin flipping their class.  Since I began blogging just over a year ago, I have found inspiration and so many wonderful teaching ideas from other bloggers. I am humbled to think that others have found my blog to be a source of inspiration as well.
Now, to accept this award, I need to . . .
1.  Link back to who nominated me, Verena from Diary of a 5th Grade Teacher.
2.  Nominate 5 blogs that have fewer than 200 followers. 3.  Answer 11 questions created by the person who nominated me. 4.  List 11 random facts about myself. 5.  Cre…

Tune into Technology Linky: iPads

OK . . . This is my very first time participating in a Linky Party.  I hope I do this right! So . . .here goes . . . I am linking up with Kristin at  iTeach1:1 and Learning to the Core for Tune into Technology to share how I use iPads in my classroom. I think I should tell you that I only had 1 iPad in my class last year.  My students would sign up on the board to reserve the iPad when they needed to work on something.  I also participated in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) so a few other students had devices they could use.  Next year I will have a class set of iPads.  I am sooo excited!!

1.  Educreations -  I had a few students that needed to work on fluency.  They simply took a screen shot of a reading passage and then recorded themselves reading.  By doing this 2 or 3 times a week they could track their rate of reading and check their fluency. I also had a recording of their reading to refer to for conferences and next teaching steps. My students also used Educreations to creat…