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Awesome Apps

I wanted to share 3 awesome apps that I started using towards the second half of the school year: Book Creator, Seesaw, and Shadow Puppet EDU. All of these apps were easy for my 3rd grade students to use, but are also appropriate for older students. Basically I made the apps available and they did the rest! I'm calling them "take it and run with it" apps! I have been able to learn more abut the features of each app by following them on Twitter. For that reason, I am including their Twitter handle.
Shadow Puppet EDU
This app was a great way for my students to share what they learned with others. The only prep on my part was to give my students a story board to help them plan their slideshow. They used the storyboard to record their voice over. At first they wanted to include a lot of text on their slides, so I had to back up a little to talk about making more effective slideshows.  You can use Shadow Puppet's storyboard or you can easily create your own specific to yo…

My Summer PD

Today was the beginning of my summer break and after I woke up naturally (no alarms going off) and took the dogs out, I sat down at my computer; just to see what was happening in the world. And I am so glad I did. First, I ran across a post about the different types of blended classes, which got me thinking about my flipping experience.

When I first started flipping, I taught fifth grade and I flipped my math class in the traditional way: students watched videos at night, took notes, and completed an online quiz or used Google Doc to show their understanding. Then in class we were able to spend time doing more hands on type activities. Later, I added science to the mix.

Flipping math and science gave me so much time in class to do hands on activities and labs. After doing it this way for a couple of years, I found myself moving to 3rd grade; with a much younger bunch of students. How would this work with 3rd grade students?  I must admit I was a little worried. But I knew the valu…