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End of the Year Traditions

Rituals, routines, and traditions are important! They mark special occasions in our lives. They are important in families and in classrooms as well. For the past few years I have used a ball of yarn to mark the end of our time together as fifth graders. This is based on an activity that a guidance counselor once did in my class and I have used this as a way to end the school year for several years now.

 The students all stand in a circle and toss a yarn ball to each other.   When the ball is tossed to you, you have to share a favorite memory from the year. Children smile and laugh as they recall what they remembered most about the school year.  And in case you're wondering it's not a worksheet or a test. Before tossing the ball to the next person they make sure they are still holding on to a piece of the yarn.  Once everyone has had a chance to share, we can see that we have made a web with the yarn.

That's when I take an opportunity to talk about how we are all connected …

Flipping in Fifth is Moving to Third!

I once heard that the only one who welcomes change is a wet baby.  I don't think that's necessarily true.  Change can be a good thing.  Change revitalizes us.  Change helps us grow.  At least that's true for me.

Next year I will be flipping in third grade.  That's right!  I will be teaching third grade next year.  I must mention that it's the only primary grade I have not yet taught.  So, that means I will need some fresh new ideas, not to mention a new blog name.  I thought about Flip with Fish.  Friends refer to my husband and my boys simply as "Fish".  There's a Big Fish, Little Fish, Fishx2, and just Fish.  I think I will leave that for the men in my life.  Anyway, I am trying out some new names: "Flipping with Fisher", "Flip with Fisher", "Fisher Flips" or maybe even "Fisher is Flipping".  (Insert smiley face) Not quite sure yet.  The URL address is still the same (Flipping in Fifth) for now anyway. If you…