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"Ask 3 before me" - There's an app for that!


If you follow my blog, then you probably already know I got a class set of iPads this year!  And when I find something great I just can't help but share it. Well this time I have found a great FREE app that  encourages collaboration among peers.  It can be used for homework, classwork, in just about any subject area.  So what is it? Glad you asked.  It's Ask 3!   How many times have you found yourself saying "Ask 3 before me"?  Well now there's an app for that!

This app allows students (or teachers for that matter) to post questions on a class bulletin board and then other class members (or the teacher) can leave a text response, a drawing, or a video to explain the answer. It's great for a flipped classroom or any classroom where collaboration is valued.  You sign-up and are given a class code.  Students join your class using the code and the fun learning begins!  

The only concern I have is that you cannot …

Making Connections

I recently connected with some awesome teachers through Edmodo. Yes, Edmodo.  I signed up to participate in The Global Read Aloud this year for the first time. It seems I am experiencing a lot of "firsts" at this late stage in the game of teaching, which proves that you are never too old to change or should I say grow and learn!

So, I will be reading the book Out of My Mind along with several thousands of other teachers all across the globe. Yes! The globe!  There are other titles you can choose from depending on the level of your students.  You choose the book you want to share with your students and then connect with other teachers who are reading the same book. Students can comment on each others posts using Kidblog or collaborate using Padlet or TodaysMeet to discuss the book.  You can read my post on using TodaysMeet in my math class here.  Some classes even use Skype and Twitter or have set up student groups on Edmodo for book discussions.  The sky's the limit whe…