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Science Anyone?

Last year was my first year flipping and I only flipped math lessons on a consistent basis.  Yea, I threw in a couple of content videos here and there but my main focus was math.  Hence the name:  "Mostly Math  . . . Sprinkled lightly . . ." This year I have noticed that I am assigning science and social studies videos on a more regular basis.  It seems that watching the videos at home or even independently in class has allowed me to make better use of my face-to-face time with my students. 

 Granted, I am using videos from Discovery Streaming, Wonderopolis, and  Study Jams to help teach content.  Discovery Streaming allows you to set up a class and give each child a username and password.  Last week I assigned a video about electricity and provided my students with guided notes to fill in as they watch the science videos.  I think the guided notes helps them to identify the important concepts they need to focus on as they are watching the video.

Watching the videos indep…