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Math Review

So what did we do today to review for our math test tomorrow?  I put out a few of our "old favorites" and the students rotated through the different stations.

 Students use the array cards to play games that help develop an understanding of multiplication.  In multiplication pairs, the students select a card.  If the dimensions are shown, they give the total.  If the total is shown, they give the dimensions.  Click here to see an explanation of the different activities for array cards.

 There are lots of different varieties of "Tower of Power", a game where students group cards that belong in the same category.  Here the students were playing Geometry TOP.  They needed to collect cards with the name, definition, and a picture of the geometric figure.  Once the set is complete, they keep the set of cards.  The student with the most cards wins.  Click here for "TOP Tenths".

This is one of the many partner games I've used this year.  I can't remember…

Confessions of a Fifth Grade Teacher

Here goes . . . No matter how hard I try not to, about 1 month before I always seem to start stressing over the end-of-the-year test.  In Georgia it's called the CRCT (Criterion Referenced Competency Test), and for 5th grate students it determines whether or not they will be promoted to the sixth grade.

Yes, I know the final decision to promote or retain must be a committee decision, but let's face it a lot of students, parents, and I suspect teachers find this test to be a little stressful.  After all if the student passes the test, there is no need for a committee to meet or make that life changing decision. (Studies have found that "6th grade students rated being retained as the most stressful life event higher than the loss of a parent or going blind.") I can't imagine it's much different for a fifth grader, but that's a topic for another post.

Most of the year, I refuse to allow my teaching to be dictated by a test that lasts 5 days; I use the stand…

Measuring Angles & Classifying Polygons

I love to use music to help cement concepts the students have to learn.  To start off our geometry unit, I used 2 songs from Dr. Pasley's  Math Party CD, "Polygons" and "Angles and Triangles".  The lyrics actually define the different types of polygons and triangles. My kids love it!  Click here to read article about Dr. Paisley-Henry.

Once we understood what a polygon was, we took a look at the characteristics of triangles.  I am such a visual learner myself, so I had to have the students actually tear off each corner of a triangle to "see" that the angles all add up to 180 degrees-a straight line.  I learned this while I was working on my Math Endorsement certification.  We also used protractors to measure the different angles so we could classify our triangles.

Next, we looked at quadrilaterals.  The students worked with partners to complete a Geoboard Activity.  They used geoboards to make different polygons based on the characteristics given. The…