Presentations and Contact Info.

I welcome the opportunity to share what I have learned about flipping and/or integrating technology in the classroom. For rates and availability please contact me at:

Sheila Fisher
Twitter: @shefish52

Click on the links below to view my presentations.

Express Yourself!  Using Digital Tools to Give Your Students a Voice
Cobb Teacher Kick Off 2015

Keeping it Real with Writing
iSummit 2015

Connecting with Technology
Give Your Students a Real Purpose for Reading and Writing.

Writing with Google Docs: Let Google Drive Your Writing Workshop!
Cobb TLC 2014

Don't Flip Out~Flip Your Class Instead!  Flipping with Edmodo
iSummit 2014

Flipping with Edmodo
Cobb TLC 2014,

Don't Flip Out~Flip Your Class Instead!
Cobb TLC 2013, GaETC 2013

Podcast with Jon Bergmann

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