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What Else Did I Learn at iSummit?

Ok . . . I promised I would share some of the other things I learned at iSummit so here goes . . .

First up is News-O-Matic.  This is an free app that delivers current informational text to your students on their iPads. I can't wait to include this as a regular part of my reading workshop next year. Have a look.

Animoto-  This is so awesome! I have used the lite version and created 30 sec. videos of my class.  I have wanted to upgrade many times to record longer videos, but this girl is on a budget.  So I was excited to learn that I can record up to 10 minutes free with an Animoto for Education account. It's free to sign-up. With the Educator's Account, you also get a code so your students can create videos as well.  If you haven't used it before, don't worry, it's so easy.  You just click on the pictures you want to include and select your theme and music.  So simple! This is one of the 30 sec. videos I created last year.

Science Rocks!

Green Screens- I found o…

iSummit . . . Take 2

Last year was my first year attending iSummit.  Well, it was so good, I had to go back this year.  Last year I posted my Top Ten Takeaways, so I thought it was only fitting that I share what resonated with me from the conference this year.

Let me start with the Keynote.  Angela Maiers asked the question, "How Big is Your Brave?"  Think about that for a moment.  If children truly believe they could do anything they set their mind to how different this world would be!  What would you do if you were not afraid of failure?  She went on to share how she encouraged students as young as kindergarten to find our what their genius was and what exactly it was that only they could do for the world. They made posters introducing themselves with the message: "My name is ________ .  I am a genius because _______.  The world needs me to ________." This message was so powerful!

Now, everything I had been reading about "The Genius Hour" on Twitter was starting to make se…