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A Perfect Fitt

I am so excited!  My wonderful administrative team was awarding two $1,000 grants for a class makeover.  I applied and I won!  What did I win?  Only something I have wanted for almost 5 years . . . a class set of Wittfitt Stability balls. There is lots of research to support using stability balls in the classroom; especially for students with attention related challenges. Click here and here to read more. There are 3 main reasons for using stability balls and incorporating movement into your classroom: Movement increases blood flow to the brain, which is better for brain function and learningMovement helps children "get the wiggles out" which aides their natural need to move.  This actually helps them focus by expending the excess energy they build up throughout the day.Sitting on a stability ball supports and builds their core muscles. This also helps develop large motor muscles, which support small motor muscles (writing and hand strength).Of course, you will need to teach p…