Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My First Video

I am trying to post my first video and I have encountered a few problems.  Nothing that serious, but it's a little frustrating.  Originally I wanted to post a video for sneak-a-peek, but around 10:00 A.M. I realized that was not going to happen!  Did I mention that Sneak-A-Peek started at 12:30?  I quickly realized it would have been a little awkward for parents to be watching a video while I was standing right there in the room. 

So move on to Plan B.  I decided that I would still make the video, but it would be for the parents that were not able to attend.  Good idea, huh?  OK . . .  I have made the video but I am still waiting for it to be approved by Teacher Tube so I can get an embed code to post it on my class web page.  I have it in my Edmodo library, but that won't do any good since my parents have not joined my group yet.  I will have to wait until all of my parent permission forms are returned and by that time it will be a moot point. So I thought I would post it on my class web page and any parents that were not able to attend could watch it immediately.  Right! Wrong! I just checked and it is still "being reviewed by a moderator". . . Are you kidding me? So what would you suggest I do at this point?

On to Plan C . . . I figure any students that enroll in my class during the year will benefit from watching the video. Moving on. . . I hope to have all the permission forms this week so my students can join our class group.   Most of the advice I have gotten up to this point is to "take it slow"!  It looks like that is not going to be a problem.

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