Monday, February 18, 2013

Student Videos Using Educreations

For a while now I have wanted my students to be able to create their own videos to explain a math concept.  I knew Educreations would be the perfect vehicle for this.  It's simple and easy to use.  There are other programs that may work as well (Screenchomp and Explain Everything) but I likeEducreations, it works for me.  

The problem with implementing this (I thought) was giving the students access to an Educreations account.  I had already set up a class group on Educreations, but wasn't doing much with it. Do I let them use my account and password or do they have to set up their own account?   I even wrote an email to the creators telling them how great it would be if my students could use my account but have their own page to create their videos.

Well, almost immediately after I hit "send" a little birdie said, "read the FAQs".  Guess what I found?  Q: "Can my students record their own videos?" A: "Yes. . ."  I was thrilled to find out that students can be given a link or the code to join our class group (easy). I set up a sample student page so I could see exactly what the students see when they log in. While logged in as a student, I started clicking and eventually clicked on "My Profile".  Low and behold what do you think came up?  A screen to create their own videos! Problem solved. It's the little things that make me happy.

Check out Sarah's video on Fractions.

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