Sunday, October 4, 2015

Organizing with WSQ

Note: This is a repost of a previous page.

My WSQ chart has changed throughout the years.  This was the latest version I used as a fifth grade teacher.  Even with the form I would get a message on Edmodo every day from at least one student asking "Mrs. Fisher, do we have to do a WSQ?" UGH!  Are you kidding me? What was I doing wrong?

After chatting with Crystal Kirch online, I realized what I was doing wrong. The WSQ (watch, summarize, question) is the format for watching the videos. It's not what you do after you watch the video! That simple change in thinking ade a huge difference! Thanks Crystal!

After completing their summary, the students answered questions about the video on a Google Document. I could quickly check before class to see who understood the material on the video.

Then I switched to using the calendars you see below.  The chart would let them know when their video responses were due.  I stapled the chart into each child's math folder. This  really helped the students stay on track with their assignments.  I got the idea for using the folders after reading Deliah Bush's blog post, "How Am I Making This Work?"

Next year I hope to have most of the guided questions filled in before giving these to the students. If your students need a template to help them summarize, they could still use the form and just paste it into their math notebooks. You can see initially I wanted to include the class activities we would do to practice the skill we learned in the video. Then later I switched to including the Learning Goal. I'm sure it will look a little different next year. It's a work in progress!

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