Thursday, April 3, 2014

Measuring Angles & Classifying Polygons

I love to use music to help cement concepts the students have to learn.  To start off our geometry unit, I used 2 songs from Dr. Pasley's  Math Party CD, "Polygons" and "Angles and Triangles".  The lyrics actually define the different types of polygons and triangles. My kids love it!  Click here to read article about Dr. Paisley-Henry.

Once we understood what a polygon was, we took a look at the characteristics of triangles.  I am such a visual learner myself, so I had to have the students actually tear off each corner of a triangle to "see" that the angles all add up to 180 degrees-a straight line.  I learned this while I was working on my Math Endorsement certification.  We also used protractors to measure the different angles so we could classify our triangles.
Flipping in Fifth

Next, we looked at quadrilaterals.  The students worked with partners to complete a Geoboard Activity.  They used geoboards to make different polygons based on the characteristics given. They had to evaluate their partner's work before they moved on to the next figure.

Flipping in Fifth
 I started to pull out my plastic geoboards for this activity and that's when the kids reminded me that we had a geoboard app.  You can also use the online version. 

Flipping in Fifth

  I also found a great Quizlet that reinforces important geometrical terms they need to know. That will be a great review before we play Ge-O!

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