Thursday, April 24, 2014

Math Review

So what did we do today to review for our math test tomorrow?  I put out a few of our "old favorites" and the students rotated through the different stations.

Investigations, Array Cards
 Students use the array cards to play games that help develop an understanding of multiplication.  In multiplication pairs, the students select a card.  If the dimensions are shown, they give the total.  If the total is shown, they give the dimensions.  Click here to see an explanation of the different activities for array cards.

Tower of Power
 There are lots of different varieties of "Tower of Power", a game where students group cards that belong in the same category.  Here the students were playing Geometry TOP.  They needed to collect cards with the name, definition, and a picture of the geometric figure.  Once the set is complete, they keep the set of cards.  The student with the most cards wins.  Click here for "TOP Tenths".

Make Three
This is one of the many partner games I've used this year.  I can't remember where it's from, but I will add that info. when I find it.  They are practicing adding fractions with unlike denominators.  The student puts their counter on a star containing a fraction then move along the line to add another fraction.  The student who comes closest to 3 without going over wins.

I also want to share a great math site I recently found.  It has math videos for every standard.  The site says "middle grades to Algebra 2, but if you click on "common core" you will find videos for all levels (first grade to high-school). If you have time, you should really check it out.  What is it?  Glad you asked.  It's called Virtual Nerd.  By the way, there's an app for that! (One of my students found it) I wish I had found this site earlier in the year. Oh well, there's always next year!

In my last post I shared my feelings towards the test.  Here is a photo one of my students posted to the class on Edmodo. She said she spent a long time making it. :-)
No Stress Here!

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