Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What I Know About Flipping 3rd Grade . . . TODAY

This is Week 6 in Third Grade and I have quickly learned that flipping does NOT look like in did in my fifth grade class!  Here's what I know about flipping 3rd grade . . . TODAY:

1.  My videos have to be short,  real short.  I mean 3-5 minutes short.  Closer to 3 minutes.

2.  My videos must be straight to the point.  I am almost taking notes for them.  I actually say "Step 1...., Step 2...." and "write this down"( Now that I think about it, I probably should have said that all along).

3.  I remind them to write the date, title, and important info. during the video a lot.

4.  I also went back to using a graphic organizer and having them glue it into their math notebooks.  and finally . . .

5.  Crystal, I revised your W-S-Q.  "S"  now stands for "list the STEPS" instead of summarize.  So they W-watch the video (write the title ), S- list the steps, and Q-write 1 question they have.

Here is an example of 1 of my student's notes from a video.  I just took a picture of this one because it was an excellent example of what their notes should look like.  I know, we still need to work on coming up with a higher level question.  :-)  I will share some others later.

Oh yea, another big difference . . . for the most part the students are watching the videos in class while I am working with other students.  I also use the video after I have done a "quick-teach" (I think I just made that up) or face-to-face preview of what they will learn in the video.

Update:  Here are some other examples of WSQ notes:

Pretty good, huh?:-) 

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